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    EPCOS ferrite toroid Description: Pressed SIFERRIT ferrite toroid 64mm O.D. 64mm OD, 43mm ID, 18mm Deep, 168 grams each. As a result of extensive investment over the past two years to expand its capabilities and production capacities, The manufacturer is now a leading supplier of toroids. Primarily used as EMC chokes for suppressing RF interference in the megahertz region and in signal transformers, ring cores rank among the key components in modern entertainment and industrial electronics, advanced information and communication technology. Materials: N 87 SIFERRIT Material Base material MnZn:Manganese/Zinc high DC bias, high perm and superior interference suppression. parylene coated (smooth) Highly magnetically permeable pressed SIFERRIT compound toroid rings. Rounded edges, useful for self made chokes, step up/down, RF filter,linear accelerators, etc. Top quality German Manufacturer.