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icop technology 51nxb0200063
 Vehicle Tracking Device
Updated 02/23/2016


QTY. 30    Brand New Vehicle Tracker with complete hookup cables to vehicle: icop technology 51nxb0200063
Vehicle Tracking Device   high integration of 4-in-1 hardware unit
icop technology 51nxb0200063
Vehicle Tracking Device


SD-Omega offers AVL65 hardware device for major vehicle system integrators who managed the application software covering GPS vehicle tracking/monitoring/navigation, transportation fleet management, GSM logistics log record, GPRS communication.

This telematic device is a highly integration of 4-in-1 hardware unit which consists of the following hardware component: 
Embedded Vortex86 computer/computing system
4-band GPRS communication module or any other type of communication module.
24 GPS Global Satellite Positioning Receiver devices
5-in-1 Automobile/Vehicle/Car OBD2 real-time diagnosis system.
Note: There are 24 geostationary satellites orbiting the globe at an elevation of 11,000 miles.

Brand New Vehicle Tracker with complete hookup cables to vehicle:
Features: 1. Automatic supervision monitoring of the automobile engine start-up 
2. Record the Vehicle GPS utilizing the global satellite positioning information, the recording precision is accurate up to one second at a time. 
3. Using Flash + NVSRAM in memory design
4. The GPRS communication Module has 4- band frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 supporting the TCP/IP communication protocol
5. Complete integrity supporting J1850PWM / J1850VPWM / KWP2000 / KWP1281 / ISO9141-2 (with the exclusion of CAN BUS), a total of 5 kinds of OBD2 immediate realtime automobile diagnosis hardware interface and breakdown diagnosis code. 
6. Establish wake-up time setting or remote control awakening supervisory monitoring
7. Constitute with the constructs of onboard 4 groups of belts with light partner isolation for the input of the specific/specified monitor contact
8. Construct another onboard 4 groups of belts light partner isolation for the output of the specific control contact, which utilize to provide reports to the police. 
9. Provide connection to outside communication, using a group of external standard RS232 interface
10. Provide lamp indication for status condition on PWR / SAVE / GPS / GPRS / OBD2 / SLEEP LED. 
11. Support DC range from 8V ~ 36V
12. Emergency microphone (MIC) / messenger call communication design. 
13. Provides connection to outside storage, using external USB device /GPRS / downloading of updated software 
14. Provide connection to DVI port monitor, or extended LVDS interface to LCD monitor
15. Onboard 1 set of external connection to K Type temperature sensing device

Hardware Specification Vortex86-166MHz SOC 
System memory SDRAM 128MB 
SRAM 512KB for data backup 
IDE interface for DOM 
External USB x2 
Internal USB x1 
Power Management Control chip with I2C interface 
DC power input 12V/24V Auto Detect 
Photo Isolate input x4 with LED display 
Photo Isolate output x4 with LED display 
COM1 D type 9 pin RS232 
COM2 OBD-II / Option D type 9 pin RS232 
COM3 GPRS module MC55/56 or SIM200 or other CDMA 
COM4 GPS module GN80-V 
GPIO Port 2,3,4,8 
Audio LINE-Out, MIC-In 
VGA, LVDS LCD display output 
LED display status 
XPCI expand connector 
XPCI to MINI-PCI support wireless LAN 
Power Voltage detect. 
Wake on Timer 
Wake on Photo Isolate input x4 
Wake on GPRS(Ring) (Voice,GPRS data,Modem,SMS) 
System Auto Power on by detect input volt 
Manual push button power on/off 
Software control power off. 
GPRS module SIM card easy changeable.

Connector Description Connectors Summary

DC Power input Connector 14-pin(7x2)-4.2mm(Include Photo Isolate INx4, OUTx4,Temperature sensor input x1) 
COM2 OBD-II Connector DSUB-9 Male or COM2 RS232 DSUB-9 Female 
USB 90 degree connector x1 
COM1 RS232 DSUB-9 Female or DVI 29pin connector(DVI connector include VGA, LVDS LCD,USBx1,RS232(TX/RX) 
Power on/off Switch Pushbutton x1 
GPRS Antenna SMA type 
GPS Antenna SMA type 
Reserved Wireless LAN Antenna SMA type 
Reserved LINE-out, MIC-In phone jack connector x2 
Internal X-PCI connector 
Internal GPRS Module interface connector 
Interface OBD-II Module interface connector 
Internal IDE interface for DOM 
Internal Line-out, MIC-in header 4-2.0mm X2 
Internal GPIO 16Bits expand connector.(Option)

Connectors included BRAND NEW :
QTY. 01 9 pin serial port (m) to 16 pin (m) 
QTY. 01 MOLEX POWER HARNESS DC Power input Connector 14-pin(7x2)
QTY. 01 COM1 RS232 DSUB-9 Female or DVI 29pin connector(DVI connector include VGA, LVDS LCD,USBx1,RS232(TX/RX)

AVL650: AVL/Vortex86-166/128M memory/32MB DOM, GPS/GSM/WiFi/OBD-II 
AVL651: AVL/Vortex86-166/128M memory/64MB DOM, GPS/GSM/WiFi/OBD-II 
AVL652: AVL/Vortex86-166/128M memory/128MB DOM, GPS/GSM/WiFi/OBD-II 
AVL653: AVL/Vortex86-166/128M memory/256MB DOM, GPS/GSM/WiFi/OBD-II 
AVL654: AVL/Vortex86-166/128M memory/512MB DOM, GPS/GSM/WiFi/OBD-II


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